Fede Alvarez Drops ‘Evil Dead’ Alternate Ending!

by | Apr 7, 2022

Director Fede Alvarez is celebrated 9 years of his Evil Dead remake with a series of post over on Twitter. One of the most mind melting things he has dropped so far is a share a previously unreleased Evil Dead alternate ending. This is a piece of video that didn’t even make it into the DVD/BluRay box and is just about the coolest thing your going to see today.

Alvarez brought back the Evil Dead franchise in 2013 after it had stalled for many years, creating a reboot that stepped to the same beat of the original. The new film followed Five friends who decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin located deep in the forest. When they accidentally summon a dormant demon, they are thrust into a deadly game of survival against an evil force they can’t begging to comprehend. Standing in for franchise hero Ash Williams ( Bruce Campbell) is protagonist Mia Allen (Jane Levy) who ends up being the lone survivor of the film. 

The never before seen footage shows us the original ending shot for the film, one that is a massive homage to Sam Raimi’s original 1981 cult classic. 


  But that was not the end of the story. Alvarez also teases us with an un-shot screen play that see’s Mia explode.    

 Bloody Disgusting quickly pointed out that Alvarez had hinted at all of this previously on their Boo Crew Pod Cast.

The original ending – we shot some of it – ended like the original movie,” Alvarez explained. “[Mia] was going to walk out of the house, she’s limping away from the house and suddenly the force – you know, the crazy camera running through the woods – would come out of the house, she would turn around, scream, and that would be it, that would be the end of it.”

In the script, we went a little bit further and we say, well, that’s what we saw in the original movie, so I think we should see more this time,” he continued. “So we will do this shot, and after she turns and screams, we will see what happened to her. It was written as she levitates for the first time – because you never see levitation in the movie. It was kind of the rules of [our] Evil Dead, to never see anything that tells you right away that you’re in a supernatural world. So no one floats [in] Evil Dead. But in the last moment, she will float.”

I think this new ending would, in some ways, would have been much better than the ending we got. I thin k a strong homage to the original film would have been just the kick at the end that fans needed. 


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