First Look at The Losers Club

by | Jun 22, 2016

#Update 23/06/2016 – Looks like the photo was taken down. Im sure the production shut this image down pretty quickly, as they will have promotional plans in place. Kids will be kids though..I#

With the film finally moving forward, Stephen Kings It has started shooting in Toronto. Star Finn Wolfhard has posted a photo on Instagram showing off all seven of the recently cast kids. Say Hello to your Losers Club.


The Losers Club take Toronto.

A photo posted by Finn Wolfhard (@finnwolfhardofficial) on

The Loser are a bunch of outcasts who banned together to fight a creature in their local town of Derry. Whilst we see them here as kids, the second film will follow them 15 years later as adults. 

#Possible Spoilers Ahead. Read on at your own risk!#

Other interesting casting new is Owen Teague as Patrick Hockstetter. Fans of the original 1990 TV mini series won’t be familiar with this psychotic individual, but book readers will agree that his appearance means some pretty nasty stuff. Apart from sexually assaulting the girls in his class and collecting dead flies, he also gives Henry Bowers a hand job before something nasty happens in the local dump. His inclusions really shows that the film has a much darker tone this time around.

The first film is due out next year.

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