First Look at the New Mummy!

by | Jul 11, 2016

Running hot on the hills of an all female Ghostbusters movie, the next big 2017 hit for Universal is also doing some role reversal. The first of the new Universal Monsters movies see’s an ancient Queen awoken from her crypt, in The Mummy, with the titular role going to “Kingsman: The Secret Service” break out performer Sofia Boutella.

The actress is being directed by Alex Kurtzman, co-writer of the first two Star Trek films and among many others, and will also be starring along side heavyweights Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe

The film is aimed to be the first of a series of films that will revive the Universal Monster movies, and maybe even link them together in shared universe, something that seems to be highly popular with studios currently.

These first few glimpse of Boutella on set does not give us much of an idea of what she will look like, as most of her costume will clearly be added in post. But it’s great to get a small glimpse behind the scenes at what looks like an intense moment for actress. Enjoy!




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