George Miller Plans Three ‘Mad Max’ Sequels

by | Jul 25, 2019

George Miller blew everyone away with his Oscar-winning fourth chapter of the Mad Max films, Fury Road, in 2015. The film made  $370 million worldwide and has been huighly praised for its use of practical effects over CGI, with Miller using around 130 different cars and bikes and with a staggering 300 odd stunt shots. However, a legal battle between Millers production company and Warner Brothers stopped all plans for future films. This week Miller shared an update on his future Mad Max plans with IndieWire, stating that

There are two stories, both involving Mad Max, and also a Furiosa story. We’re still solving, we’ve got to play out the Warners thing, it seems to be pretty clear that it’s going to happen.

Miller chatted more about the legal issues, and how they now seemed to have been settled, which in turn will allow for his next films.

It all started because of the chaos at Warner Bros. and not Kevin Tsujihara, it was pre all that. He wasn’t the antagonist, because a lot of people didn’t know what was going on and were not prepared to make a definitive stand; everybody was running around fearful, it seems, through three regimes. It was hard to get anyone’s attention, so we went to litigation. The chaos has stabilized and it’s become extremely positive as the dust seems to have settled after [the AT&T merger].

Now that the legal issues are almost resolved, it sounds like Max and Furiosa will be soon returning to the big screen. But you have question if another film can even come as close to the action that Fury Road brought? It would have to be a pretty amazing story line to see such a huge amarder hitting the Fury Road once more? We ‘ll find out more as Miller’s plans fall into place over the next few years. 

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