Halloween Sequel Heading for 2020 Release

by | Jun 21, 2019

No matter how you felt about the 2018 sequel/reboot of Halloween, Blumhouse were rubbing their hands together gleefully, as the £10 million passion project rolled in a whopping $255 million worldwide, proving that old Michael Myers still has appeal. It should come as no surprise then, that a sequel is already well on it’s way.

Collider dropped the news this week, that Blumhouse is looking to start shooting this coming Fall, with distributors Universal looking to release October 16th, 2020. Whilst there is no solid information at the moment, the rumor is that David Gordon Green wrote the new script and is expected to return to the big chair for the next film. 

Not only did he do a great job with the last film, elevating the genre material with his arthouse sensibilities, but there’s no reason for Blumhouse to mess with a successful formula.

Absolutely. I loved the new film and it’s art direction and cinematography really cranked the Halloween mythos to 11.  Whilst we do not know what the new film is about yet, let’s hope it does not cheapen itself with crazy back plots and explanations about Myers murderous ways. I’ve always thought of Michael like the shark from Jaws. You don’t need to explain away his actions, he just is! 

More news as it drops. 

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