HBO Working on an ‘IT’ Prequel Series

by | Apr 1, 2022

The recent IT film franchise made Warner Brothers a sh*t ton of money when they hit cinemas in 2017 and 2019, bringing in around a gross of $1.17 billion worldwide, but now HBO want a chunk of the clown. Variety report that a series, currently called “Welcome to Derry”, is in production under HBO. HBO and WB are both owned by AT&T, and the US telecoms giant recently merged both companies for HBO MAX, their streaming service. 

For those of you scratching your head, IT is a novel from Stephen King about an other worldly creature that lives in the sewers of the town of Derry. Andy Muschietti directed the film adaptions, both Part One and Part Two, which basically told a variation of the story from the novel. The new series will be set in the 1960s in the time leading up to the events of the first film. Muschietti is attached to executive produce the series along with Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs.

“According to sources, the Muschiettis and Fuchs developed the story for the show with Fuchs writing the script. Andy would also direct the first episode should the project go to series.”

This move by HBO MAX marks the companies new strategy of spinning of TV shows from big films. The recently released The Batman is set to have it’s own spin-off following Colin Farrell’s Penguin character. Welcome to Derry will be an interesting gamble consider the time between the films and show. 

No news if Bill Skarsgård will be reprising the role of IT.

More news on this soon. 


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