Henry Bowers Wraps IT

by | Sep 5, 2016

Earlier this month, actor Nicholas Hamilton talked to Variety about playing the psychopathic bully Henry Bowers, in the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Thanks to director Andy Muschietti , we now know that the young actor has wrapped for the film.

The great nick hamilton aka the hammer aka henry fucking bowers . Wrapped but not forgotten.

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Hamilton said about his role as the brutal bully.

“There’s stuff that I have to do that is really creepy and the opportunity to help share my psychotic side has been really fun,”

*Possible Spoilers*

In the book, Bowers slowly becomes more deranged, slicing ben with a knife in their first encounter and later murdering his own father before heading out with the intention of murdering the member of the Losers Club. He is certain much more crazed than his turn in the original film.

The Australian also actor admitted that he is terrorised of clowns, so coming face to face with Bill Skarsgard interpretation of penny wise must of been pretty upsetting for the young star.

Other pictures released by the director includes inside and outside 29 Neibolt Street, which looks like it’s going to be a terrifying sequence. Check out the pictures below.

Pic by tim visentin

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Happy birthday, @jackdgrazer ! Thank you for the magic 🎈

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IT will be released next year in 2016.

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