Huge Opening Weekend for ‘IT’

by | Sep 11, 2017

After the massively disappointing release of The Dark Tower, it’s great to see that ‘IT’ is doing so well at the box office.  it just broke the record for a horror film opening weekend, taking in an estimated $117 million at the US alone, with a further $62 million in oversees sales. Yep, ‘IT’ is one of the biggest selling horror films ever!

With an estimated $179.1 million global opening, Pennywise is clearly still a force to be reckoned with. The film itself was made for only around $35 million, meaning that a few studio executives will be rubbing their hands together, as the film quadruples it’s investment in just a few days. 

And it’s not over yet! The film will no doubt make a fair bit over the next few weeks, as word of mouth spreads. But the story is not done either, as part 2 is currently in production. To do the story any justice, the film makers decided to split the film into two parts. And if your wondering why they did not just film them back to back, well, it seems that production companies just won’t invest that much money into horror films these days. ‘IT’ was made as a stand alone film, with no promise of second part. The same was done for the Dark Tower, however the chances of that getting a sequel are very slim. 

But don’t worry, with such a huge opening weekend, there’s simply no way the studio would back out of a sequel now. With glowing reviews earlier last week, Warner Bros. and New Line have hired writer Gary Dauberman to start work on the script, so it looks like it’s full speed ahead. Whilst no dates have been fixed, it looks like the next film won’t be out until 2019. 

IT is out in cinemas now. Seriously…go check it out…You wont be dissapointed! 

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