Infamous Face In Walking Dead Finale!

by | Nov 22, 2016

Greg Nicotero announced this week that series 7 of The Waling Dead has finally wrapped, and with this news a sneak peak of an iconic zombie that will appear in the series, Dr. Tongue. You may remember this creature stumbling into camera at the beginning of Day of the Dead. He was the first zombie you see in the film and was affectionally named by special effects artist Tom Savini. As with Dr. Tongue in the film, his Walking Dead counterpart is an elaborate puppet.


Nicotero started work with Tom Savini on Day of the Dead, so it’s a great call back, not only to the film, but as a tribute to his earlier days of Tv and Film.

The Walking Dead started splitting it seasons back in 2011 when the second series ran, so we can expect to see the second (more intense) half of series 7 on April 2nd 2017, and Dr.Tongue will be appearing in the season finale. Just another reason to get pumped for more walking dead!

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