‘Jason Universe’ Launches New Era of Friday the 13th

by | May 16, 2024

  • Horror, Ink have announced a New Era for Friday the 13th
  • Victor Miller is returning with the Franchise Rights in place
  • There are plans for films, games and interactive experiences

This week brought us some thrilling news about our favorite hockey mask-wearing slasher, Jason Voorhees, and the twisted world of Crystal Lake. According to the eerie whispers from IGN, brace yourselves for a wave of new Friday the 13th experiences spanning TV, games, and even immersive thrills. 

While we eagerly await the fate of A24 and Peacock’s “Crystal Lake” TV series (sounds like a real scream-fest!), there’s even more plans on the way. Horror, Inc. is getting ready to unleash the “Jason Universe,” promising a fresh terror-filled era straight from the dark minds behind the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. Brace yourselves for a wave of new Friday the 13th experiences spanning TV, games, and even immersive thrills.

 President of Horror, Inc., Robert Barsamian, said,

“For decades, Jason shocked and thrilled audiences who kept coming back for more. We’re excited to work with Victor Miller and Marc Toberoff on new projects we’ll announce in the coming months.”

Original Friday the 13th writting Victor Miller won back the rights to the original film a few years back. The lengthy court case between Miller and Director Sean Cunningham derailed the franchise, including the popular Fridat the 13th Video game, and it’s now been 15 years since the last film, that being the 2009 remake. 

With access to every dark corner of Crystal Lake’s twisted tale, they’re gearing up to unleash horrors like never before. But remember, while they may control the existing nightmares, new Friday movies might still be a distant dream.

Ready to dive deeper into the darkness? The official “Jason Universe” website has risen from the depths, beckoning all brave souls to sign up for spine-chilling updates and unearth the latest whispers from this bone-chilling venture. Are you prepared to face Jason’s wrath in this new era of terror? Enter if you dare… 🔪💀 Sign up for Friday the 13th Updates HERE.

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