Kevin Bacon still Wants More ‘Tremors’

by | Dec 12, 2019

Chat with any Gen Z’ers about who Kevin Bacon is , and they will undeniable answer “that guy from the EE ads”. And yes, it does feel as if the 80’s mega star has derailed a little since his heyday of dancing, dating and chasing large worms. But Bacon is not a man to sit on his hands and let his life pass him by, as in 2017 he shot a pilot episode of a new Tremors TV series that would see him return to Perfection, Nevada as the loveable rogue Valentine “Val” McKee. Whilst Bacon never returned for any of the films 6 sequels (Yep…  there is a sixth one on it’s way) the series flourished, even hitting a short lived TV series starring Michael Gross as Burt Gummer. In fact, gummer is the staple holding the franchise together, starring in every iteration of the film so far….apart from the Pilot TV episode. 

The Pilot was given to Syfy who decide not to continue with the show, but it seems the our man Val is not down and out just yet, as Bacon chatted with Variety this week about his hopes for the franchise. 

“I liked that character because it was the only character I really looked at and said, ‘I wanna know where he is 25 years later’…. I feel like we’ve explored the options. But, listen, you never know. Stranger things have happened.”

Reports were that the pilot was actually really good, but it sounds like something spooked Syfy into baking out, but that does not mean that it can’t be taken to other channels. 

Bacon made a name for himself in 1984’s Footloose, but us Horror Fans will always remember him for one of his earliest prominent roles as Jack Burrell in the original Friday the 13th. Let’s hope we can get him back on our screens soon, where he’s not trying to sell cheap mobile tariffs. (you know..i actually worked on a couple of his EE ads…but that’s a story for another time! ) 

Let us know if you want more Tremors with a side of Bacon in the comments below. Don’t be shy now…!

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