Living Dead Director George A Romero Dies

by | Jul 17, 2017

It was just a few days ago that we were reporting on the next film in George A Romero’s fanatic zombies film series, and then suddenly I find myself having to report on his sad news that Romero has passed away. The director/producer died in his sleep on Sunday with his wife and daughter at his side, after a “brief but aggressive battle” with lung cancer.

The American-born filmmaker made a name for himself when he director Night of the Living Dead in 1968, which featured the very first ‘flesh eating’ versions of the undead. Before 1968, Zombies were synonyms  with voodoo and witchcraft, where people were turned into mindless puppets. Romero turned it up to 11, making his zombies into flesh eating creatures from beyond the grave. 

His little film quickly grew into a series of movies, which stretch right across Romero’s career. The last film, Survival of the Dead, came out in 2009 and was highly praised by the horror and film community. His next film would have been Road of the Dead, a mix of high octane stunts and plenty of zombies. 

Romero also had success with films such as The Crazies, Martin and a collaboration with stephen King on Creepshow (and Creepshow 2). It’s safe to say the he was one of the biggest names in horror, and he was completely responsible for the Zombie sub-genre we know and love today. 

Here are a few messages from twitter from people that loved, worked and were heavily influenced by George over the years.








Thanks for the memories George …. and the Zombies! God bless and good luck!

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