(UPDATED 18/11/2015)

Some exciting news for the long winded production of the Dark Tower, as The Wrap exclusively reveals Matthew McConaughey’s involvement. Producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are keen for their “EdTV” star to return under their guidance, for a role in the Film/Tv mini series. But nothing has been conformed just yet. The Guardian claim that the star has been offered the role of Both Roland and the Man in Black. Whether or not McConaughey can dedicate his time to such a huge project is anyones guess, but with 8 books in the series, the role of Roland would see him with a good few years of work. But the Man in Black would be more easily manageable for the busy film star.

However, this news is interesting, as McConaughey has also been tipped to be playing Randall Flagg in the Movie adaption of another Stephen King film, The Stand. Whilst this might not mean much to your casual reader, any fan of King will know that Randall Flag and The Man in black, are the same character! Could Warner Bothers and Sony be collaborating on a Stephen King Universe? Or is this just wishful thinking? Let us know in the comments below!

Oscar-winning Ron Howard, has been trying to get The Dark Tower project off the ground since 2010, so seeing casting taking place means that project is moving swiftly ahead.

I still want Javier Bardem as the gunslinger! Remember Ron.. Big tall and Ugly!


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