Meet the New “Chucky” for Reboot!

by | Sep 24, 2018

Earlier last week, production begun on the reboot of the Child’s Play films, and thanks to Orion Pictures, fans have gotten their first look at the killer doll Chucky from the new film. Orion tweeter a preview of the doll, asking fans if they “Wanna Play?”


 Haters are going to hate, and i feel their pain. I think the whole idea of rebooting the series is just plain wrong. It did not work out well with ‘Friday the 13th’, nor ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, both reboots falling flat on their faces, as fans savaged the films for being so different. 

 Lars Klevberg is directing this one, which will see the supernatural element of the original dropped entirely. In the original Child’s Play, Brad Dourif played a killer who invoked a voodoo spell that imbued his soul into a Good Guy doll. Instead, the new film will see an electronic doll go haywire as it’s reprogrammed to have no limitations. Also gone is the wise cracking personality, as the new doll will be void of any personality. Yikes!!!

The film’s official synopsis reads:

Child’s Play follows a mother (Aubrey Plaza) who gives her son (Mike and Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.”

Don Mancini has written all seven films in the original series, with David Kirschner serving as producer. But the biggest long stay for fan is the continued work from Dourif, who has also lent his vocal talents to Chucky for every film. With out him on board, I think the new film will find it hard to find a fan base.

The good news is that Mancini is continuing to develop his series of films, with a TV series also on the cards. So expect much more Chucky moving forward. Even more than were in last years Cult of Chucky!

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