The Mist TV Show Will Resemble The Film

by | Jan 16, 2017

Hey Horror Fans, Luke Here with some cool news from Spike TVs adaption of Stephen Kings Novella, The Mist. The big question on everyone’s lips was how on earth they were going to serialize a pretty short and simple story. The 134 pages story featured in Kings anthology Skeleton Crew , and was about the small town of Bridgton, Maine which is suddenly enveloped by a mysterious mist.  Well TV Guide managed to grab some interesting titbits from Executive producer Christian Torpe. 

Torpe had this to say about the show.

“Let’s call it a reimagination. Internally, we talk about it as doing the Fargo approach, where the movie and the TV show is the same, but it’s different. It’s like a weird, twisted cousin to the original source material. Fans of the movie and of the book and of Mr. King’s work will certainly see elements from it. … We also, in order to develop it for TV and turn it into an ongoing series, took our own little detours here and there.”

And by DETOURS I’m assuming the mean PADDING, as they’ll need it to fill 10- 20 odd episodes. 

“It’s like a weird, twisted cousin to the original source material”


Thorpe also addressed the 2007 film adaptations controversial ending, which angered many King Fans.

“I personally love Mr. [Frank Darabont’s] ending, I thought it was a stroke of genius. We are playing around in that territory and we also know, of course, Mr. King’s ending. And I know Mr. King actually preferred Darabont’s ending And so I think we came up with our own spin on a very original and surprising ending.”

So it looks like the show will be sharing a lot of DNA from the film adaption, which makes sense when you realise that the show primary audience will be tv/film fans rather than book readers. 

The show will also follow multiple groups of people struggling to survive the Mist. Alyssa Sutherland will play a mother who gets trapped in a mall with her daughter and her daughter’s rapist; Morgan Spector will play the father of Sutherland’s daughter who is stuck in a different location from the rest of his family; Okezie Morro will play a man with amnesia struggling to find allies; and Frances Conroy will play a woman whose ideas regarding the origin of the monstrous mist will lead to great conflict within her small community of survivors.

“I know Mr. King actually preferred Darabont’s ending”


So the show will split between locations and have a female lead, switching from the male lead of the books and film. Although, the father figure will also play a part, it’s unclear how big a part this will be.

I personally loved not knowing what was happening David Drayton (the books lead) wife in the books and the reveal of her fate in the film, but we shall see how the entire show plays out later this year when the film premiers. 

Keep an eye out for more news as it breaks. 

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