Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns

by | Mar 25, 2017

In the not too distant future… On April 14, Netflix will be bringing Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans a brand-new series, featuring 14 episodes. MSTS3K premiered 28 years ago on Thanksgiving day, starring series creator Joel Hodgson, and his gang of lovable robot puppets. Drifted through space in the “Satellite of Love”, Joel, Crow and Servo were forced to watch awful B movies, and would entertain themselves by “riffing” over the movie.  

MST3Ks original series run did not garner high viewership numbers, but the show’s popularity spread through word-of-mouth over the Internet from its fans, repeats and home media offerings.

The news series started life as a kickstarter project, reaching out to fans to bring the Satellite of love back on line. Seeking $2 million for the production of three episodes, with stretch goals with additional funding for 12 total episodes, the kickstarter ended on December 11, 2015 with total funding of $5,764,229 from 48,270 backers. With such a high profile campaign for a cult show, the series was quickly picked up by Netflix.

Are you exciting about the shows return? Let us know in the comments and check out the trailer below.


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