Nick Castle Reveals he is in new ‘Halloween’

by | Sep 3, 2018

With October coming round real fast, this year is extra special, hailing in a new Halloween film that will continue the original story line of Micheal Myers. Nick Castle was the very first person to step into the shoes of Myers, back in 1978, and as a loving nod to the original, Castle is returning in the new film, and he finally let us all in on where we can spot him, and it’s actually really cool. 

Castle spoke with Bloody Disgusting a few days back, and he told them exactly where to expect him to be in the new film. 

“Castle also revealed to us that his only scene as Michael Myers in the new film is the first time Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) sees The Shape. For the rest of the film, he sort of passes the torch to the new Michael, James Jude Courtney.Fans will notice a classic Michael Myers move, letting you know it’s Castle behind the mask.”

But that’s not all. Whilst his psychical appearance is for a brief scene, Castle will play a much bigger roll in post production.

“In the new one, if there’s any interest in comparisons, I do all the ADR breathing for The Shape even though I’m only in it in a cameo,”

So Nick Castle does return to do all the muffled breathing we now associate to the the shape, making this the most authentic Myers yet.  Head over to BD and check out the full article. 

The new film stalks audience on October 15th, plenty of time before the witching hour starts at Halloween. 

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