‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Eyes Jason Clarke

by | Apr 18, 2018

If your talking about dark books, it does not get more darker than the Stephen King’s novel Pet Sematary. King published this terrible tale of resurrection in 1983. Already well verse in what is scary, King decided to really push back, and introduce fans to the Creedy family, and a terrible tragedy that would lead them into darkness. 

Even King himself felt that he had gone too far with the subject matter of the book, and his wife agreed Pet Sematary was too dark. But stuck without a book, and his contract demanding a new shiney novel, king pushed ahead and published.

“it just spirals down into darkness. It seems to be saying that nothing works and nothing is worth it, and I don’t really believe that.”

Well it seems that King Fever is resurrecting once more as Paramount’s push ahead with a new film adaption of Kings novel, and all eyes are on star Jason Clarke for the lead. The Holloywoodreported weighed in with the news, 

“Jason Clarke is in negotiations to star in Pet Sematary, Paramount’s new adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch, the duo who co-directed the 2014 fantasy horror feature Starry Eyes, are helming the project, which Paramount previously translated in 1989.”

The original 1989 movie starred  Dale Midkiff in the lead as Louis Creed, and was very faithful to the book. Whilst i don’t see that a new film could possible do anything more to improve upon it, i’ll certainly look forward to watching this one develop. It’s certainly going to need a couple of exceptional kids to jump into the young roles. Future stars of the big screen!

More as we hear. I’ll leave you with kings thoughts on his novel.

“I’m particularly uneasy about the books most reasonat line spoken by Louis Creed’s elderly neighbour, Jud. ‘Sometimes, Louis,’ Jud says, ‘dead is better.’ I hope with all my heart that that is not true, and yet within the nightmarish context of Pet Sematery, it seems to be.”

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