Potential Extended Supercut of ‘IT’ and ‘IT: Chapter Two’

by | Aug 27, 2019

IT: Chapter Two is heading to cinemas this October, and with a run-time of 2 hour and 49 minute, it’s certainly going to be an epic thrill ride. But just in case you haven’t seen enough scary clowns to last you a life-time, director Andy Muschietti has plans to make it even longer with an extended cut of Parts One & Two. 

Back when IT came out in 2017, Muschietti teased an extended cut, that never surfaced. Now he’s back at it with talk of a huge suspect that would combine both films. Muschietti chatted Cinema Blend this weekend and said this…

“I am thinking of a super-cut. Which is basically the two movies told one after the other, adding everything that was lifted from them for length purposes. Great scenes that are more character moments, or things that we had to lift for other reasons. I’m also very excited about shooting extra material.”

The snag would be that it would involve shooting new scenes for second film, in order to fit both the films together. And whether New Line Cinema would be willing to front the cash is anyone’s guess, especially after the lack luster DVD/Blu-Ray release of Part One. 

“This is only an expression of desire, of course. The supercut is something that is yet not out as an idea. We have to talk about it. But I definitely want to make a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was lifted from Chapter Two. But also new stuff, new material.”

If you were wondering how long Muschietti was planning on making the super cut, it would be very long indeed. 

“It would probably be around six hours and a half.”

It’s clear that the super-cut would blend both films together like in the books, transforming the films narrative It would also explain why there would need to be extra scenes shot. More news on this as it hits. 




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