The Predator Motion Poster Online

by | Oct 23, 2017

Much like the Predator itself, news of the films progress is shrouded in a field of invisibility. Co-writer/director Shane Black’s new Predator sequel/remake has been drip fed news outlets with little bits of info as the project progresses, but apart from the odd snap of the cast, we have very little to go on. So it’s a little surprising that the Predator app recently released a brand new motion poster. To tease the films summer 2018 release, the poster depicts a bolt of lightning taking the shape of the alien’s iconic mask. Very reminiscent of the classic scene from Predator 2, where the Predator is struck by lightning. 

The Predator, which Black wrote with Fred Dekker, is a sequel to the first two films in the series, and will see the Predator clashing with an ex-marine and his rag-tag squad , whilst the government tries to keep the creature underwraps.

Fans frustrated at not seeing the Predator yet, will be just that little bit less frustrated with the new poster, but everyone will have to wait until August 3rd of next year before the film explodes onto the big screen. Could it be the big summer release of 2018? 

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