Rabid Remake Directors Eye Scanners & Dead Ringers

by | Mar 20, 2019

Later this month, the Rabid remake will be hitting DVD and Blu-Ray, launching David Cronenberg’s nightmare vampire/zombie flick into the eyes and ears of a new generation of horror fans.

Directing duo Jen and Sylvia Soska (The Soska Sisters’) are keen horror fans themselves and when asked about what other projects they would love to tackle, they knew straight away which films they would like to get their bloody hands on. Chatting with Movie web, the sisters seem to be eyeing other Cronenberg films. 

“Yes! Dead Ringers, Scanners & Cat People, please. There’s one more, but we’re actually pitching for it – wish us luck!”

Whilst it’s hard to get excited over the prospects of another Cat People film, Dead Ringers and Scanners would make awesome modern day horror films. Scanners is one of Cronenberg most prominent films, that followed a bunch of people with telekinetic powers that are used as weapons, and in one famous scene, a Scanner explodes a mans head like a watermelon. Dead Ringers is a bit of a stranger choice, with the original film telling the tale of two identical twins who abuse their positions to deceive woman. It’s certainly not a high-brow stuff, but in the right hands, it could be an interest film. 

the Soska Sisters’ remake of Cronenberg’s Rabid will follows the tale of a young woman named Rose (Laura Vandervoort) who suffers a disfiguring accident and undergoes an experimental stem-cell treatment to give her her life back. But like any good horror, the treatment has some strange side effects, that leads to a terrible plague sweeping the nation. The films out on March 25th.

As for the film the two directors are currently pitching on, we will have to keep our ears firmly to the ground and see what we can hear. 


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