Who is Remaking American Werewolf In London?

by | Aug 18, 2016

Once in awhile, we get a bit of news about a remake that comes as no real surprise. Any film that was of significance or had a good fan base is bound to get a reboot sooner or later, but today news comes with a twist. Our friends over at BD have picked up on some news of a wolfy flavour. It seems that Max Landis, son of American Werewolf In London director John Landis, is currently penning a modern take on his fathers masterpiece. Albeit in a teasing manner!





So it’s pretty clear that Max who wrote Chronicle,  Victor Frankenstein and the upcoming “Channel Zero” on Syfy, is definitely up to something with his father’s film.

I’m a huge fan of American Werewolf In London. I get off at Tottenham Court Road tube station everyday, and it’s still cool to spot tunnels, platforms and escalators in which the film was shot. So i’d be super excited for a re-makes, just as long as they keep the CGI down to a minimal.

I’m pretty sure that the script is in the write hands. But who would be best to direct? My eye is on Edgar Wright, who’s mix of comedy, horror and gore would be perfect. Simon peg should play the David part and Nick Frost should play Jack…. Just sayin!!

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