When Resident Evil 2 came out in 1998, I must of played that game to death! I remember playing the demo,  that came with the  Resident Evil directors cut, over and over, for days on end.  It’s still one of the most frightening games I can think of, and possible one of the only games iv’e ever found myself wanting to turn the lights on to play. Any other horror game, lights off and volume up.

Though Resident Evil had a nice HD remake, no word of an official HD sequel. Well indie team InvaderGames have you covered. They are working on a Unreal Engine 4 version of the game and it’s looking pretty awesome.  In the video below, you can see that they have gone to great lengths to include all of the little details, capturing the original beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised to even see a dead Brad Vickers , in the police station underpass.

This non-profit title adds a whole host of new features like 3D models, HD textures and even particle effects. No word on how long before the project is released, just that it’s coming soon later this summer! I personally cant wait!

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