Rob Zombie’s 31 Trailer Screams Online

by | Jun 15, 2016

Please…don’t send in the clowns. Rob Zombies latest film offering has just dropped it’s very first trailer, which looks like the film director could be back on track. Zombie lost it for awhile, with his terrible Halloween remakes and the under the radar The Lords of Salem. What fans wanted was more of his sadistic and beautifully realised visions such as The Devils Rejects. Well, it looks like we all may be in for a treat.

Zombies 31, see’s a random bunch of folks kidnapped and forced to play a sadistic game where they are hunted by a bunch of deranged killer clowns. All they have to do to win, is survive the 12 hours given to them by the twisted game masters.
Putting wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, front and centre as carnival worker Charly, it’s not clear if she is the central protagonists, but it would certainly be nice to see her come out on top as a good guy for once.

Check out the trailer and don’t forget to leave us a comment below, other wise clowns may kidnap you in the night-time.

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