Sam Raimi Would Make More ‘Evil Dead’

by | Mar 9, 2023

The jury is still out on the upcoming Evil Dead Rise which is due for release on the 21st of April. This will be the very first film that steps away from both Ash Williams and a cabin in the woods. Instead, the film is set in an L.A. skyrise, where the Necronomicon is discovered in the basement and releases flesh-possessing demons to moment the residents. For many hard core fans, this may just be a step too far away from what The Evil Dead has always represented. 

Whilst we wait to find out if the film hits or misses, Sam Raimi recently spoke about his future involvement with the franchise and whether or not he would like to do more films. During an AMA session on Reddit recently, Raimi was asked whether he would ever return to the Spider-Man or Evil Dead franchises. 

I would return to direct or write for any of those franchises if I could. I loved my experiences on all sets and have a great relationship with my partners on EVIL DEAD, SPIDERMAN, and DR. STRANGE 2. Each could be a very exciting experience for me creatively.

The original Evil Dead film was Raimi’s very first professional feature film, leading him to make two sequels and a TV series based on his original vision. That deep and meaningful connection between director and story could very well be the thing missing from Evil Dead Rise, and it may be a fair few years before we get a proper Evil Dead sequel. The good news is that Raimi is more than willing to jump back behind the reigns. 


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