On wednesday evening, US Syfy premiered the third part of the sharknado series. The phenomenal success of the first two guaranteed a third film, but the big surprise was the announcement of a fourth film. The big twist being a twitter vote to see if a central cast member lives or dies!

The first two films saw a tornado of sharks  LA and then New York, Sharknado 3 moves the stormy action to Washington and Florida, where Ian Ziering and Tara Reid battle the odds against the forces of (unlikely) nature! It also has a few cameos from Jerry Springer, Bo Derek and former UK X Factor stars Jedward. These Jedward twins also recorded the theme song to ensure that, at least, your ears will bleed!

Whilst Sharknado has it’s fans, film critics still slate the films for being terribel. But for some fans, thats exactly how the series should be.. cheesy, badly acted and with terrible effects. It makes the films what they are!

Sharknado 3 premiers tonight on UK Syfy with the fourth film slated for 2016.




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