Sharkweek – ‘Deep Blue Seas’ Behind the Scenes

by | Jul 25, 2017

For a film about genetically engineered mako sharks, Deep Blue Sea is more fun than its premise sounds. It should be an awful mess of a movie, with poor acting and terrible CGI, but its an all out action romp filled with great characters and plenty of scares. Ok so there is one questionable CGI moment, but the rest is pretty solid. This killer shark film is the perfect movie to explore a little deeper, for our celebration of Discovery’s Shark Week

On an island research facility, Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) is harvesting the brain tissue of DNA-altered sharks as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. When the facility’s backers send an executive (Samuel L. Jackson) to investigate the experiments, a routine procedure goes awry and a shark starts attacking the researchers. Now, with sharks outnumbering their human captors, McAlester and her team must figure out a way to stop them from escaping to the ocean and breeding.

Today we present you with ‘When Sharks Attack – Behind the scenes of Deep Blue Sea (1999)’ A look at the cast, crew and effects that brought the killer shark film to life. Enjoy.

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