Sharkweek – JAWS QUADRILOGY Kill Count

by | Jul 24, 2017

It’s that time again, Shark Week is here, and we wanted to dive into the DEEP end and make a SPLASH with some fun shark based videos. Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV event held by the Discovery channel, and explores the silent killer in the dark, with programmes and special shows dedicated to our toothed pals. We love sharks, and we love this epic event. Did you know it’s the longest-running cable television programming event in history? It started in 1988 and runs every year. Since 2015, horror maestro Eli Roth has hosted the show and this year olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has a a special show, so be sure to check it our!

So heres a little something for you to get your TEETH into. Our first offering is JoBlo Videos epic KILL COUNTER series looking at the JAWS films. Just how many people (and dogs!) did that nasty little great white munch on? Find out below!

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