Shout! Factory Launches New 24/7 Horror Channel

by | Mar 30, 2022

Shout! Factory is well know for it’s epic releases of classic cult films and Tv series, with Blu-ray  and DVD presentations packed filled with bonus content and cool artwork. Shout! quickly moved it’s horror  based items over to it’s Scream Factory name, where it quickly grew a loyal and appreciative following of genre fans, in addition to bringing new and original productions to a wider audience. Following in the steps of other horror streaming services, Shout! have announced the launch of Scream Factory TV, on April 15th,  a new 24/7 TV channel based on its massive back-catalogue of horror titles. 

Shout! Factory original launched back in 2002 as Retropolis Entertainment, where they released VHS versions of feature films, television series, and animations, along side live music and sport. However, the studio was not afraid to move with the times and those chucky VHS boxes soon made way for DVD’s and eventually Blu-rays. Where they exceled was in the production of long lost titles that were loving restored via scans of the original negatives. A lot of love and work goes into a restoration of this levels, and Shout! are constantly impressing everyone with their titles.

So, the next evolutionary step is digital films, and this is where Scream Factory TV comes in. The new channel will be host to fan-favorite horror, thriller and sci-fi films alongside hosting special events and curated marathons. Running off the back of Shout! Factory TV, Scream Factory TV looks to be an amazing alterative to other services, and with a huge advantage in quality  thanks to their very own restored versions of these films.


Shout! Factory TV presents Scream Factory TV, a 24/7 channel that is every fright-fan’s final resting place for horror, sci-fi, thrillers and more. Every movie comes uncensored and ready to terrify. Immerse yourself in the snarling monsters, stalking slashers, terrifying aliens, and shocking moments that have haunted you for years. Stream and Scream with the new channel that’s so good … it’s scary.

For more information about where to find Scream Factory TV, please visit:

Whilst the majority of films will be older titles, there will be plenty to watch thanks to their catalogue of horrors such as The Exorcist III, Day Of The Dead, Night Of The Demons, Sleepaway Camp, Nightbreed: Director’s Cut, Chopping Mall and The Company Of Wolves, just to name but a few.

Head on over to ShoutFactoryTV for more info. 


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Stay in, Stay Safe, Love Horror!

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