Stephen King ‘Very Happy’ With Dark Tower

by | Jun 20, 2017

After years of waiting for Stephen King to finish his magnum opus, and far too many years waiting for the film adaption to get off the ground, we are now just a couple of months away from seeing The Dark Tower on the big screen.  Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, the film follows Jake Chambers who discovers another dimension called Mid-World. and plot to destroy all of reality. Teaming up with a gunslinger called Roland Deschain, they must face the Man in Black to save the universe. 

Director Nikolaj Arcel recent chatted with IGN about the film, and he spoke about the blessing he received from Stephen King.

After he saw the film for the first time, King wrote to me “This is not exactly my novel but this is very much the spirit and the tone. And I’m very happy.”

King also had some influence on how the film progress, as Aecel told about Kings feedback on the working script. 

At one point he said, “I have some notes for script.” and he sent us a hard copy of the script with handwritten notes. He was very polite and very respectful. It was always like “Maybe Roland doesn’t talk so much here?”. He was just like the groundskeeper of the characters.

As we already know, the film is not a direct adaption of the books, but a continuation of the story. Fans of the books will see familiar characters and places, but in different scenarios and context, whilst newbies to King’s The Dark Tower should enjoy the rich variety of characters and stories that King has created. 

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