Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’ is Getting a Remake with James Wan

by | Apr 24, 2019

If you thought you were all “Stephen King‘ed” out, prepare to fit just one more in, as The Wrap reports that King’s amazing vampire novel, Salem’s Lot is next up for a reboot. New Line Cinema is looking for a big screen adaptation of the film, which should ring some alarm bells for King fans. You see, there has been two TV-movies made based on the vampire book, with the last one hitting the small screens in 2004, starring Rob Lowe. The reason why is pretty simple, the story is huge! The book, King’s second novel to be published,  tells on a small town in main (of course) which is slowly taken over by vampires. The novels chapters follow various town members as the their worlds start to collide with the dark force slowly sucking the life out of it. Trying to cram the film into a 90 minute run time could be a huge mistake, as they cut characters and story arch to fit a cinema run-time.  Maybe two films could be a way around this?

The novel, published in 1975, follows a writer rerunning to his childhood home of Jerusalem’s Lot, but discovers that vampires are slowly transforming the sleepy little town into a haven for the un-dead. 

According to The Wrap, Gary Dauberman will be writing the script, with James Wan, Roy Lee and Mark Wolper producing. Duaberman is New Line’s new golden boy, having just wrapped his directorial debut on “Annabelle Comes Home” with writing credits on “The Nun”“Annabelle” and “Hell Hath No Fury”

Do we need another Salem’s Lot? Time will tell! 

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