“Tremors” TV Pilot Flops

by | May 2, 2018

I don’t think I was alone in saying that I was highly excited about the prospects of a new Tremors TV series. The show promised to bring back Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee and  would have been a welcomed return to  Perfection, Nevada. Sadly, it seems that Syfy has decided not to pick up he series after watching the pilot episode. 

Bacon took to his instagram account to announce the sad news, that Valentine won’t be playing rock ,scissors paper anytime soon.



The decision not to move ahead has surprised many, including director Vincenzo Natali, who is “baffled by this decision”. Why SyFy’s decided not to move ahead is anyone’s guess, but everyone in involved certainly thought that had something special in play, and test audiences apparently loved it. While it’s possible another network could pick it up, it could be hard to come back from a knock as big as this.


“I’m sure SyFy had very, very smart reasons for not picking up Tremors to series.”

For a show to reboot a franchise with it’s original cast, it seems almost crazy for SyfY to not even give it a shot. Show Writer Andrew Miller also took to social media, with a thread of stills from the unaired pilot that would have brought back the dreaded subterranean Graboids.





The show looked like it was going to be amazing, with toy Valentines and a giant statue of him riding a graboid in the center of town. Considering that the series is still running, with it’s A sixth film, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, is releasing on VOD this week, with more planned, the choice not to pick up this show is a bad one. It was never going to be mainstream, but the big fan base would have surely tuned in. Let’s hope that they let us see the pilot at least, so we can see why SyFy dropped it.

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