Twin Peaks Poster Mystery

by | Mar 7, 2017

“Diana….. I’m looking at a strange poster that have been reportedly been popping up around Australia. It appears to be a missing person billboard with a picture of Laura Palma. I can only assume it some sort of marketing scheme for a popular show revival. At the bottom is a phone number. Diana, I am calling this number!”



So we now have nine weeks to go before Twin Peaks returns on May 21, and already the marketing is picking up pace. However, the Australian marketing appears to be much more creative as these posters have started to appear, promoting the new season.

“It is happening again”

The number at the bottom of the poster takes you to a pre recorded message, which plays the Twin Peaks theme and then a message from the giant…it IS happening again. I expect we will see more cool stuff very soon…Hey maybe even that brand of gum you like will come back in style?

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