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by | Mar 17, 2017

On Tuesday a new trailer for the Killer Alien film Life hit the web (yep there’s a pun here) and at least one eagle eye fan lost his/her shit when they spotted some spiderman 3 stock footage spliced into the preview. How or why someone could pick out a random crowd scene from a spiderman movie is another story completely, but they did and this led to a big speculation that this could possible be a Venom origin story, after all, this film is being made with Spiderman studio Columbia Pictures. 

Life deals with the crew of the International Space Station discovering an organism that originates from mars. In the teasers, trailers and clips we have seen. The creature does appear Venom like, engulfing it’s victims and having large black venom like tendrils. So it’s not completely out of the question. This is of course, all hearsay based on a small section of stock footage being thrown into a trailer. 

However, seemingly out of the blue, Sony have announced a Venom film for October 5th 2018. Sony have been trying to make a stand alone Venom film for years, but it’s been super quiet since the Amazing Spiderman 2 bombed at the box office in 2014. So its significant that its popped up now. 

Is it possible that Sony and Marvel have created a secret Venom origin film, hidden under the protective cloud of Columbia pictures? Only time will tell. But if it does play out that way…its bloody amazing news!


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