Visitor – Short Film

by | Feb 1, 2017

Hey Horror Fans, looking for something to other-worldly to watch. Look no further than the short film from Roger Sampson who has released his latest short film on youtube. Called “Visitor”, the 10 minute short is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that should give you a few shocks. This Kansa’s lad is creating some really cool stuff, with his short Rawhead one to watch also.

“A fertility doctor receives creepy texts from a stranger.”

The Short is complemented with an awesome soundtrack by Ryo Utasato who’s electronic score rumbles and pulses to the beat of the films vein. 

“We have an amazing composer who just knocked our socks off on this one!”

Look..Roger…me and you need to talk.. I have a thing about people eating glass…it really freaks me please…just stop!!! 

Enjoy the film below.


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