The Walking Dead Gladiator Concept Art is Awesome

by | Feb 21, 2017

His name was Winslow!

Last nights Walking Dead introduced us to one of the most badass zombies yet, as Rick Grimes faced off “Winslow” like a scene from Mad Max Thunderdome. Surrounded by trash, Rick went mano a mano with the zombie covered in spikes and badass looking helmet. Dubbed the Gladiator Zombie, Greg Nicotero is obviously just as excited as us, as he shared some concept art and behind the scenes snaps of spiky Winslow.


Greg wrote on his Instagram page 

Walker from tonight! Scott Gimple and I spent a lot of time designing this awesome Walker concept art by John Wheaton sculpture by Norman Cabrera, John Wrightson and Garrett Immel applied by the brilliant Jake Garber Kerrin Jackson and Kevin Wasner! Thanks to Gino Crognale for reluctantly agreeing to play the zombie because I could’ve never had anybody else do it

We love the gladiator zombie, and these images are amazing. Check them out below.



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Sculpture by @norman_cabrera_monsters note gas tank detail on helmet

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Alongside Winslow and his awesome hat, we also had more heartwarming moments, where Daryl finally reunites with Carol and Michonne gets an unexpected gift.

Farewell Winslow…your time was too short!

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