Watch The New Trailer For 30th Anniversary of Predator

by | Sep 27, 2017

Oh boy does time fly. If you ever need reassuring that you’re getting old, it would come in the form of one of your favorites films having a huge anniversary. Predator is heading back to cinemas, to celebrate 30 years of spitting, sweating and foul language. Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and a whole host of other muscle bound, testosterone driven action heros, the film was an action packed adventure filled with guns, explosions and a relentless alien hunter.

Shane Black (who starred in Predator) is currently working on a sequel, “The Predator”, which is due to drop in 2018. Untill then, Predator returns to cinemas in the UK, Ireland and select international markets on November 9th. Don’t be caught pushing pencils…get to the cinema..go….now! You can enjoy the newly cut trailer below.

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