Scary Stories From Reddit That’ll Keep You Up All Night

Scary Stories From Reddit That’ll Keep You Up All Night

by | Apr 16, 2021

The worlds a pretty weird place, and here to prove that are handful of terrifying true stories that have emerged from the pages of Reddit. These stories are dark, disturbing and will 100% keep you up at night.

The Man in Uniform

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Man in Uniform - Horror Land

The Man in Uniform


“When I was a freshman in high school, my cousin was huge into JROTC and the Army, and was admitted to West Point. However, he was shot and killed the winter of his senior year in High School, and was buried in Army Service Dress.

Fast forward to that summer, I was attending Encampment as part of Civil Air Patrol, which is like a week-long basic training for new cadets. At graduation, we were all standing on the parade field in the 90 degree Virginia summer heat when suddenly I felt ice cold. I looked across the field to the bleachers where our parents were sitting, and standing in front of the bleachers was a pale white figure in full Army service dress, clearly blocking the view of quite a few people for the whole ceremony. Nobody else was standing, and nobody asked him to sit even though there were also many people in uniform sitting down. I kept my eye on the figure the whole time, which stood completely still at parade rest the entirety that I could see it, but after the Pass in Review was complete and we returned to our spots on the field, the figure was gone.

After the ceremony was over, I asked everyone in my flight if they had seen the figure, and everyone said they didn’t see anyone by that description. To this day, I am 100% sure it was my cousin coming back one last time to see me off.”


The Scary Hand

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Scary Hand - Horror Land

The Scary Hand

By Coconutoilforthesoul

“I was like 9 years old. I was sleeping in my parents bed. At that point I think it was a Saturday morning and my dad had gone bike riding with his friends real early and I woke up and got in bed with my mom. I was having a bad dream and I woke up and looked around and went to go pee, when I got back into the bed there was a white pale hand waving at me from behind the closet. I thought I was dreaming but I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything. I kind of put it in the back of my mind until a year later my older cousin said she had seen a hand waving at her behind her mirror when I was at her house. It made me realize I really experienced that and didn’t imagine it.”

The Red Eyed Demon

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Red Eyed Demon  - Horror Land

The Red Eyed Demon

By ohheywait

“A few years back, I spent some time traveling and was living in Istanbul with a couple of roommates in a 2-story apartment. I slept in a basement room, which I shared with another girl, and our guy roommates slept just down the hall.

I’ve had night terrors before, and know they’re scientific and don’t really believe in the supernatural. But one night in that apartment, I woke up at 3:01am (saw the alarm clock) and felt an evil presence in the room. There was this black shadow thing with glowing red eyes crouched next to my bed, just staring at me, and I was paralyzed. I felt a sickening sense of doom, and tried desperately to reach for my phone, anything to wake up, to move, to make it go away. I’m not religious, but I started praying frantically. Finally, at 3:10, I felt it leave the room, and I could breathe again and move. I was wide awake, and didn’t sleep the rest of the night, I was so shaken.

This sounds like a typical night terror, except for the next morning at breakfast. I was casually munching some Cheerios when my guy roommate (who lived down the hall from me) plops down and is like, “oh man, had the worst nightmares last night. I woke up at, like, 3:15am and saw this ball of black with red eyes in my room, just glaring at me in fury. I was paralyzed, and couldn’t move. Ugh, it was the worst.” I told him what happened to me and we both were really freaked out. Slept with the light on quite a few nights after that.”

The Hidden Room

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Hidden Room - Horror Land

The Hidden Room

by ibetchican

When I was about 11 we moved to this really old pre war house and my room was in the attic. Great at first because it was really big, each night I lay down my eyes were drawn to the opposite corner of the room. I would just stare at the wall and become really freaked out. It took me a couple of weeks to tell anyone because nothing had really happened.

One night I explain to my dad what’s wrong, he goes over to the wall and bangs on it to show there’s nothing weird about it. One of his bangs on the wall sounded very different, like it was just board instead of brick. He investigated and found a small square board, papered over flush with the wall around. We pulled it off, pulled out some debris and found a secret room, with a bed, so old the mattress had crumbled away, old papers and a tin with a football program and stuff from the 40s. Someone wanted the room forgotten about.

I don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural, but that freaked us all the fuck out and we moved a few months later.

The Bench

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Bench - Horror Land

The Bench

By Wedonthaveallday

My brother is a late night janitor at an elementary school. He said he was alone watching YouTube videos with headphones on, in a dark office toward the end of his shift, when suddenly a kid loudly asked him to “clean my bench”.

Startled, my brother searched for the kid, replayed the video he was watching and was stumped when he didn’t come up with anything or anyone.

He remembered that there was a memorial bench for a boy who was hit by a car and killed a year or so prior, and so he went outside and made sure it was tidy. He felt better but was still obviously shaken.

The deceased kid’s sister goes to school there to this day, and my brother knows his family and sees the boy’s mom often. I asked him if he ever told the mom about it, and he said no, he just makes sure the bench is spotless.

Aokigahara Forest

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - Aokigahara Forest - Horror Land

Aokigahara Forest

By Bad_Answers

Here in japan, the entire culture is actively perpetuated by everyone’s “ancestors”. I’ve seen my fair share of old Japanese coots in places they shouldn’t be. But what really bugged me the most is when i went to Aokigahara forest, otherwise known as the forest of death. Me and a fellow Japanese friend took up a bet that we couldn’t stay a whole night in their alone.

We took pink tape with us and marked our trail about 2 miles off the main trail. Everything was fine relatively, except we both admitted it felt like hundreds of people were watching us from the very second we left the main trail. Anyways we leave the next day and and unbeknownst to us, the government came into do their first annual body sweep the day after we left. They found like 26 bodies not terribly far from where we camped.

The Shadow Man

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - The Shadow Man - Horror Land

The Shadow Man

By BottledApple

“When I was 12 I went to a friends house for the day; this was in the UK. My friend’s parents were very rich and had this mansion type place way out in the countryside (North Wales). She had 6 siblings and her parents were hippy artist types who just let the kids run wild and we basically never saw them the whole day.

Anyway…we were really into acting so we decided to practice the play we were in in our drama group. We went into what was really a ballrooom…massive room, hardly any furniture, lots of paintings…big windows/french doors.

As she was doing her thing and I was watching, I saw a shadow person walk into the room through the big, folding doors behind her. But the “person” walked sideways…like a crab…so they were actually sidling towards me.

She seemed to see nothing and was acting her socks off whilst this thing came across the room. I saw that it was male, quite tall and moving in a way as if it didn’t want to be seen…like I might not see it if it went sideways.

But I did and I sat there with it getting closer and closer until I jumped up and ran towards my friend yelling to get out.

We did and she was all “oh that…yes, people have seen it before. We just ignore it.””


I’m Cold!

Scary Stories From Reddit That'll Keep You Up All Night - I'm Cold - Horror Land

I’m Cold

by MuninnMoraine

I’m a nurse and I used to work day shift at my old job. I was walking down the hallway with my computer-on-wheels (COW) to pass meds one afternoon. I was in between two patient rooms, not really close to either door, and far away from the nurse’s station and kitchenette. I could hear one of the physical therapists talking to a patient in one of the rooms, but no one else was in the hallway.

I was looking down at my papers to kind of get myself organized before going to see another patient. All of a sudden in my right ear, like someone was standing right behind me, I heard a female voice say “I’m COLD!!!” in kind of a jokey way, like someone would do a big shiver and rub their arms and say, brrrr, I’m COLD! I turned around thinking it was my friend Brittney goofing on me but there was no one there. There was no one in the hallway at all.

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