So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

by | Jun 15, 2018

So often, a films narrative define drama by killing off its protagonists. But unlike in the real world, movie fiction has developed many different ways in which the hero can come back. They are not often pretty, and they can come in all shapes and sizes, but a second chance is too good to turn down. If you were ever stuck in a movie, and life dealt you the death card, we are here to help you figure out who you are and what you should do.  So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

The Killers Revenge

You can’t keep a good guy down! Some serial killers just don’t know when to quit, and for several horror villains, death is just the start of their heinous rampage. Thanks to handful of magic, a sprinkle of love and touch of toxic waste, theses killers are more formidable than the energiser bunny.


Childs Play (1988) – Chucky

So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

The child’s play films introduce us to Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer who is at the end of his luck. Upon being cornered by police in a toy store, a dying Ray uses a Voodoo chant to transfer his soul into a Good Guy Doll. With the doll acting as a soul stone, “Chucky” is reborn as pint sized killer with attitude, intent on finding a way back into a human host. Don’t f@*k with the chuck!


The Gingerbread Man (2005) – Millard Findlemeyer

The Gingerbread Man - Millard Findlemeyer - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Another killer having size issues is crazed killer Millard Findlemeyer, who’s dear old mum has a novel way of brining her son back from the dead. After being executed in the electric chair, his cremated ashes are mixed into a gingerbread spice mix. With a little shaping and baking, the evil mixture becomes The Gingerbread Man, the sick mind of Findlemeyer in a small biscuit body. A tasty treat that’ll be the death of you.


Jack Frost (1997) – Jack Frost

Jack Frost - Jack Frost - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

It’s not just dolls and biscuits either, as another villain back from the dead has a decidedly cold demeanour. The aptly named Jack Frost, is bound for the electric chair, for the murder of thirty eighth people. However, an escape attempt sends the vehicle he is being transported in, crashing into a truck of toxic goo. With his body melting into the snow, Jack finds that his death is short-lived, as he is resurrected in the body of a snowman. Whilst he was deadly as a man, as shape shifting pile of snow, he is almost unstoppable… almost!


Now What?

Do what you do best!  Each and everyone one of our villains continue to increase their body count. With an unnatural life faced before them, they chose to continue their lives of crime, maiming and killing, knowing that no one would ever suspect the in-animate objects they had become. The Killers revenge is always short lived, but the scar they leave behind will haunt their victims forever.  

The Family Guardian

It’s not all doom and gloom at the end of day! Sometimes dead is not better and the gift of rebirth is a thing that opens up opportunities to make things better.

Jack Frost (1998) – Jack Frost

Jack Frost (1998) – Jack Frost - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

We’ve looked at killer snowmen that’ll rip your head off, but on the other side of the coin, a cool character could be just what you need to chill a broken heart. Thanks to a magical harmonica, loving farther Jack Frost finds his spirit awoken inside his son’s snowman. Jack reconnects with his family and teaches his son the values that he never got to teach him when he was alive. Jack will melt you heart, just as the cruel summer heat will melt his face. Here’s one farther that will only ever be around for the holidays!

Fluke (1995) – Thomas P. Johnson

Fluke (1995) - Thomas P. Johnson - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Fluke is a mutt  Golden Retriever, who has flashing memories and dreams of having lived a human life. Fluke relasies that he was once a man named Thomas P. Johnson, who died in a car crash and left behind a grieving family. Fluke seeks out his wife and son and reunites with them by becoming their new family dog. Fluke suspects that his his former business partner Jeff Newman  was responsible for his human death and tries to drive his old friend away from the family. But sometimes, you memory can play tricks with you. 

Chances Are (1989) – Louie Jeffries

Chances Are (1989) - Louie Jeffries - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

When Young D.A. Louie Jeffries is hit by a car and dies in 1964, he does not intend on sticking about the pearly gates and sneaks back out yo be instantly reborn. 23 years later, a man called  Alex Finch realsies that he was once Louie Jeffries and that his girlfriend is his own (ex) daughter. Desperate to rekindle his relationship with his (ex) wife, he convinces her that who he once was…but fate (and heaven) have other plans. 


Now What?

As a Family Guardian, your return to earthly bounds has a Cinderella caveat that will catchup with you before you know it. So even though spend time with your family, reassure them that you’ll always be in their hearts, or even attend a baseball game (that you never made it to before), you’ll have to return to the afterlife sooner or later. Mend those broken families and right some wrongs before your time is up.


You, you’re not you, you’re me! Sometimes science can get it wrong big time, and where you thought you were dead in one instance, science will contradict you. With a new body but the same memories, you can now live your life again… maybe!


Alien: Resurrection – Ellen Ripley

Alien: Resurrection - Ellen Ripley - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Two hundred years after her death, a science space vessel , the USM Auriga, created a clone of Ellen Ripley, in the hope of finding some Alien DNA . The resulting creatures is only half human, with some Alien DNA fused into her. Whilst she regains most of her memories , she no longer fears the creature she spent a life chasing. Now she embraces it. After all, we all need family.


The 6th Day (2000) – Michael Drucker

The 6th Day (2000) - Michael Drucker - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Billionaire Michael Drucker, owner of cloning corporation Replacement Technologies, has a secret, illegal,  cloning program for humans. Using scans of peoples brains and ready made human bodies, clones can be made quickly and efficiently. This comes in handy when a religious anti-cloning extremist decided to kill you. Death is only a few hours away from being made redundant. It only cost you your soul, and all your human rights!


Now What?

You may have the memories, the body and even the determination of the person you once was, but the world is not ready for you kind. No matter where you go, who you know, Clones will always come second fiddle to a full-blooded human. Anonymity is your best weapon against this prejudice.

The Ancient Evil

Some people are born into evil, and even the cold embrace od death can not hold back the power deep inside them. The following creatures were born from something ancient and inherently evil, promises to plague humanity for all time.

The Mummy (1932) – Imhotep

The Mummy (1932) - Imhotep - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

There have been many mummy films over the years, but none have come as close Boris Karloff’s spin as the wrapped high priest Imhotep. When an  archaeologist reads the writing from within Imhotep’s cursed casket, the ancient priest rises once more.


IT (2017) – Pennywise

IT (2017) - Pennywise - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Smashing to earth millions of years ago, from another dimension, the titular IT, has hidden out of sight from humanity since the dawn of the species. Picking off the children for food, the Town of Derry has for years kept its dark secret, and IT has evolved to feed of the fear as well as the body. The creature, also known as Pennywise, awaits deep down in the sewers, waiting for it’s next meal of body and soul.
Defeated once by group seven youths, IT defied death and waited 30 years to get it’s revenge. It waited in the dark, for it can never truly die and revenge is oh so sweet! 


Evil Dead (1981) – Deadites

Evil Dead (1981) - Deadites - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

The evil that roams the woods of an isolated little cabin, is awoken by the reading from an ancient book. The passages awake a darkness that has been around since the dawn of time, an evil that wants to inflict pain and suffering. They will posses the living, to spread the evil.


Now What?

Enjoy your time whilst you can, because a hero or heroes will soon be ending your evil reign. These plucky protagonists will often battle you long and hard, but with the power of good, and a mean one liner here and there, they will eventually win, sending you back where you came from. Down….but not out. This is where you’ll rest… waiting to return.

Back to Work / The Hero’s Return

You might be dead, but that doesn’t mean you can drop the ball. Just dust yourself off and get back to work, because if you don’t, someone will damn sure find a way to get you back at it!


Pirates of the Caribbean:  At World’s End (2007) – Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean:  At World's End (2007) – Jack Sparrow - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Getting eaten by giant, mythological, sea creature is fine way of ruining your day. Jumping into the maw of the beats, Captain Jack Sparrow was dead. But as it is with the Caribbean Sea, not many die in her wet embrace. But through loyalty, remorse or sense of duty, there were many that wanted Jack back. Stuck in Davy Jones’ Locker, his crew rally to rescue him, and pull him from the very clasp of death. After all, what would the world be like without Captain Jack Sparrow?


Universal Soldier (1992) – Luc Deveraux

Universal Soldier (1992) - Luc Deveraux - Childs Play - Chucky - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

After fight to the death during the Vietnam War, two soldiers are resurrected, decades later, as un-stoppable androids, as part of a secret weapons initiative, the “Universal Soldier” program. Working as an elite counter-terrorism unit, the former foes have no memories of their previous lives, but when glimpses of their pasts start to return, their intense conflict is rekindled.


Robocop (1987) – Alex Murphy

Robocop (1987) - Alex Murphy - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Killed on duty, Alex Murphy is resurrected by Omni Consumer Products (OCP) in its latest weapons program, Robocop. Designed as the next step in law enforcement, Robocop is sent out on to the streets of Detroit to rid it of crime. However, the android suffers from latent memories from Murphy and his goals quickly switch to revenge for his own murder, and to end the corruption that is plaguing OCP.


Now What?

Things might have gone badly first time around, but your second chance of life, no matter how different, is certainly better than dead. There were some wrongs to be written and people to be saved, and now that’s all done, you can look forward to more of the same. Because a job is never really finished …is it.


It’s best served cold, but here it’s colder. Brought back from the brink, these once living breathing creatures are thrust back from death, with only one single purpose… Revenge.


The Crow (1994) – Eric Draven 

The Crow (1994) - Eric Draven - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

When Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelly Webster are brutally murdered. A great sorrow keeps Draven soul from passing over. Taken by “The Crow”, Draven is brought back to life a year later to seek revenge. Clawing his way from inside his own grave, Draven takes on the persona of The Crow, a creature seeking vengeance in the wet, rain clogs streets, of Detroit.


Now What?

It may be hard days work, but someone’s got to do it. With blood on your hands (and feet, face…ect) it’s time to rest once more. With your task complete and your lust for revenge now sated, the powers that awoke you will now let you rest once again. After all…. It can’t rain all the time!

The Undead Nightmare


Pet Sematary (1983) – Gage Creed

Pet Sematary (1983) - Gage Creed - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Up beyond the Pet Cemetary, is an old Nic-nac burial ground. But it’s power has dwindled, and its ground has turned sour. Anybody buried up in the hills, comes back changed. Their humanity wiped from their souls, and their bodies stinking from the rotten soil they dug their way through. They may look and sound like the person you love, but their sous is tainted. They are evil!
When young Gage Creed was hit by a truck, His farther buried him in the cursed ground, and the thing that slouched it’s way home, was not the sweet two-year old boy that everyone knew and loved. This creature would destroy the lives of everyone it encountered, just as the Truck had destroyed his fragile little body.  


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Vlad Dracula

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - Vlad Dracula - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Vlad Dracula, a member of the Order of the Dragon, returns from a victory against the Turks to find his wife, Elisabeta, has committed suicide after receiving a false report of his death. Enraged by the suggestion that his wife’s soul is condemned for committing suicide, Dracula desecrates the chapel and renounces his faith, declaring that he will rise from the grave to avenge Elisabeta with all the powers of darkness. When he stabs his sword deep into the chapels stone cross, blood flows from the wound and Dracula drinks deep, sealing his fate. Dracula becomes an un-dead creature, forced to feed on the lifeforce of humanity, blood. Whilst he has gained immortality and power, his isolation from the world has turned him remorseful and lonely, fated to roam the earth alone, forever.


Dead Heat (1988) – Detectives Roger Mortis

Dead Heat (1988) - Detectives Roger Mortis - So you’ve Been Resurrected in a Movie! Now What?

Detectives Roger Mortis was investigating a series of strange robberies, where the criminals had seemingly risen from the grave, having recently been in the local morgue. Along with his partner, Roger is lead to a company, who have found a way of resurrecting the dead. A fireensures and Roger is killed in a decompression chamber. His partner drags his corpse onto the resurrection machine and brings him back to life. His back, but his body is decomposing and he only has a few days to solve the case and avenge his own death. 


Now What?

Life is such a precious thing, second life more so. Resurrection can bring you more pain and suffering than you could expect, more so for your friends and family. Whilst the road may seem long, death will finally find you a second time, and there is no return from its second embrace. You time is pretty much done, just relax, and enjoy the time you have left. 


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