10 Amazing Facts About Langoliers

10 Amazing Facts About Langoliers

by | Apr 1, 2020

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to film and TV adaptions. Lord of The Rings was made because Peter Jackson saw amazing advances in CGI, but previous to this, it had always been called the un-filmable book. Heck, even an animated film couldn’t be made before then. A 1978 adult animated feature ran out of money and released the movie half finished. Yes, Timing is everything. 

Case in point, Stephen King’s short story The Langoliers. This fine tale of time travelling and monster was adapted into a TV mini series by Child’s Play director Tom Holland, in a 1997 spectacle that is vest known for how bad it SFX were. Yep, as much as you may love the 90’s, it’s early CGI effect for film and tv were pretty bad and it’s this single element that really lets the entire film down. But apart from the effects, the film was a pretty good adaption of the short story. 

Here to take you on a whirlwind fact finding journey is Minty, as he explores the TV adaption and hunts for some facts that will make your flat coke fizz. Here are 10 Amazing Facts About Langoliers. Enjoy…



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