13 Horror Video Games To Play Before You Die

13 Horror Video Games To Play Before You Die

by | Feb 11, 2020

Ask anyone what they think is the best horror film ever made is, and you’ll undoubtedly get difference answers from the one you’re  thinking. The same rule applies to Horror Video Games. With so many to choose from, everyone will have their own personal favorites. So whilst I do not agree with the games in the following list, WhatCulture Gaming certainly have created a compelling list of games in which you certainly should take a look at.

Ash takes us through 13 horror games that have have all impacted on the collective experience of gamers. From Silent hill through to the recent Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll be hard pushed not to enjoy them. So, here are 13 truly horrifying video games you should wrap you little paws around before you pop your clogs! . Enjoy…


Think of yourself as a Horror gaming aficionado? Make sure all thirteen of these spooky gems are crossed off your ‘played’ list.



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