Submechanophobia Jaws Animatronics Evolution

Submechanophobia Jaws Animatronics Evolution

by | Mar 18, 2024

Greetings, devotees of the dark and dreadful! Prepare to embrace a fresh nightmare to haunt your already crowded pantheon of fears. Step aside, Arachnophobia, Coulrophobia, and Agoraphobia, for a chilling new terror is clawing its way to the forefront of your nightmares. Introducing Submechanophobia—the bone-chilling dread of submerged man-made objects, wholly or partially lost beneath the waves. For example, a familar animatrionic shark. This malevolent video, dredged from the murkey depths, takes us into a jouney looking at the eveoltion of the Jaws animatronic, from film to live action ride, and how it’s the ultimate Submechanophobia trigger. Courtyesy of Fastpast Facts, don’t go in the water, here is Submechanophobia Jaws Animatronics Evolution. Enjoy…


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