Dead by Daylight CLOWN Playthrough

Dead by Daylight CLOWN Playthrough

by | May 30, 2018

“The Clown will get you”

Dead by Daylight’s newest chapter called Curtain Call has had an early preview via the new Public Test Build. This gives players an opportunity to step into the large shoes of it’s latest creation…and your going to hate it! Simply called “The Clown”, this character will put the willies up anyone, and coulrophobia sufferers will find their DBD player experience cut short, as new threat donnes a full clown costume and makeup. 
Epic player and youtube star HybridPanda takes on a insane clown posse massacre as he runs in the new killer in today’s horror video. With some of the most powerfullest add-ons and a mori in tow, Panda shows us just what to expect from a game where a crazed finger sucking clowns lobs bottles of purple gas at you. 
Chapter VIII will be arriving for both PC and Console players in June, along with a new shop system, where you can buy costumes, characters and killers, and a brand spanking new map and survivor, Kate Denson.
Prepare for a scare.. The Clown will get you… Enjoy!!



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