Everything Wrong With Mama In 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Mama In 13 Minutes Or Less

by | Jun 19, 2018

“There’s a woman outside… She’s not touching the floor!”


Mama was a huge hit when it came out in January of 2013, With IT director Andy Muschietti sitting in the big seat for his debut directorial role. But even though it’s a good film, there’s still quite a few holes to pick and CinemaSins are standing by to take you through them. 

The films story concentrates on two young feral kids who have been brought up by a supernatural entity known as Muma. Whilst it was packed full of cliched horror moments and strange character decisions, it’s an enjoyable horror romp. It’s not, however,  without sin. From exponential radio channels to the fart jokes of horror, the sins are thick and fast. Check out ‘Everything Wrong With Mama In 13 Minutes Or Less’ below.


Mama is a fairly recent horror film that found success and praise. But no one ever got around to listing all its sins… until today. Boo!




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