Hollywood Zombies

Hollywood Zombies

by | Nov 8, 2017

One of the coolest things Marvel ever did with its multiple universe, was to gather all of its biggest superheros and villains and then turn them all into zombies. I’m of course referring to the Marvel Zombies franchise. Well, in the same vein as Marvel’s odd spin-off, talented editor Fabrice Mathieu has bundles together some of the biggest movies stars, from a handful of film clips, and spliced them into a fux zombie film.  Look, let’s be honest, if this was a real film, it would be the damn coolest thing to ever have been produced. I for one would love to see a huge budget multi star zombie film that does not rely on Brad Pitt surviving deadly plane crashes and single handedly finding a cure for the zombie invasion. 

Fabrice Mathieu has turned many A list movie stars into the walking dead, and made a damn fine entertaining short film. Bravo!!



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