Honest Trailers – Scream (2022) ft Ghostface!!

Honest Trailers – Scream (2022) ft Ghostface!!

by | Mar 9, 2022

Lurching out of the shadows, much like the killer in the film, Scream (2022) was dropped onto Paramount + on March 8th with very little fan fair. This better then expected horror sequel is the fifth film in the franchise and the second to try and hand  the reigns over to a younger cats. Despites some questionable motives and poor character development, Scream (2022) is definitely worth a watch for any slasher fan. Do you know who isn’t a slasher fan, the Voice guy from Honest Trailers who has dropped his own little video, in celebration of the new film. Featuring Ghostface himself, here is a parody look at the modern day Scream. Here is Honest Trailers – Scream (2022) ft Ghostface!! Enjoy…



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