House of Cryptids – Giant Congolese Spider

House of Cryptids – Giant Congolese Spider

by | Jun 17, 2021

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence has yet to be established. These creatures, collectively known as Cryptids, are practically reported in every country and each dark corner of the globe. Whilst the more famous cases, such as Bigfoot and the Lockness Monster, are widely known about, there are thousands more hiding in the shadows of our lives. Please enter the House of Cryptids, an exciting new series form horror host Doctor Gallow, who is looking at some of the more lesser known cryptid cases reported from around the world. In this episode, he’ll be dragging you kicking and screaming to the Congo where sightings of a giant arachnid creature have been sighted as far back as the 1800’s. Chill or thrill…here is House of Cryptids – Giant Congolese Spider. Enjoy…



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