Saw: The Complete History of Jigsaw

Saw: The Complete History of Jigsaw

by | Jul 27, 2022

Whilst 70’s horror was ruled by the rise of exploitation movies, and 80’s were defined by slashers, the noughties were stained by the highly stylized violence from a new-wave of torture porn films, headed by the arrival of Saw.  John Kramer’s personal vendetta against morally reprehensible people took us on a journey of pain, suffering and vengeance, unlike anything else we had ever seen on film before.  Taking a peek at the complete history of Jigsaw and his torturous ways is CZsWorld, who is ready to take your hand and lead you into the dark recess of an abandoned building. Are you ready to play a game? Here is Saw: The Complete History of Jigsaw. Enjoy…


John Kramer is the engineering mastermind known as Jigsaw, who was responsible for the loss of at least 57 victims. How did Kramer’s past turn him into one of the most feared horror villains?




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