The Evolution of The Predator (Animated)

The Evolution of The Predator (Animated)

by | Mar 2, 2021

The Predator franchise has certainly encountered its fair share of ups and downs since it’s first inception in 1987.  The franchise has seen sequels and reboots that have attempted to take the series in ambitious new directions, and with each new film, the Predator has gone through design changes. Tell It Animated have spliced the DNA of all the movies and spawned an ugly little baby that looks at all the different iterations of the Predator. Here is The Evolution of The Predator (Animated). Enjoy…


The Predator (or the Yautja) has changed a lot through the movies, from the classic 1987 Predator to the giant 2018 DNA Hybrid, let’s go through their looks, story and evolution!



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