The Kiss (Short Film)

The Kiss (Short Film)

by | Aug 3, 2021

 Thanks to many countries vaccination campaigns, it’s starting to feel like we could get back to normal-ish life soon. Overwhelmingly, the anxiety of returning to life before the pandemic is mixed with a sense of relief and excitement. However, that is all offset with a growling anxiousness that is gripping the world. Exploring these feelings is Pastel Wasteland and director Rob Ulitski who’s micro-short “The Kiss” is nightmarish journey into our inner thoughts. Starring up-and-coming genre actors Bella Rich and Chris Mills, the film explores post-pandemic anxiety, through an experimental and grisly aesthetic. Here is The Kiss (Short Film). Enjoy…


Shot on a micro budget at the end of the most recent lockdown, the film was a labour of love and a step into the unknown for the cast and crew, whose output has been sporadic since the initiation of Covid safety procedures in 2020. Director / Producer Rob Ulitski said “I’m so happy we were able to make this film, and channel some of our own anxieties, frustrations and fears into something creative. We are all super passionate about the horror genre, and the community of horror fans who help celebrate and lift each other up on a day to day basis”.



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